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Integrating mind and heart

Happiness is sought by everyone. We know when we are happy we smile more. We are kind. We offer to help others. We are more creative. We do more. We love more. We attract more of the same into our lives.

Yet, our society isn’t structured so this is achieved.

We are urged to buy things.

Things don’t make us happy. Experiences and memories do. Lots of research backs this up.

We become stressed about work, relationships and money.

Release the impact of stress, let yourself shine.

We are taught that education is about learning things.

Gaining knowledge is only half the equation. We have to take action and keep taking it.

We are urged to fit in, be one of the herd.

Each of us is unique and may not run with herd all the time.

We penalised if we are different.

Yet, that is what we are – UNIQUE

There is discrimination in all sorts of ways – fat, Size 0, young, old, gender, hair. If we aren’t a cut out of what ‘we are supposed’ to be, then fingers get pointed.

I am enough: reveal your true selfHow can happiness breed in this environment?

  • Happiness stems from inside us.
  • Happiness is living our unique story.
  • Happiness is using our strengths to deliver the story
  • Happiness is being connected with people
  • Happiness is sharing our feelings of love and well being with others
  • Happiness is being at one with us as individuals.

Happiness is a journey rather than a one time event. It is what life is about. The journey.

Happy work cultures allow people to be unique.  Successful companies are the ones who innovate either steadily or big bang. Innovation stems from creativity. Creativity lives in happy people.

Karen Purves, the creator of B Marvellous, runs workshopsretreats and coaching sessions so people can B happy, can B his or herself. Karen also shares her journey to help people have the courage to step through the fear and tread the path of happiness.

Contact Karen or the team to learn more about workshops, retreats and coaching for yourself, people you know, senior management teams or others who want to live their story. B Marvellous. B Unique. B Happy.

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